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“Michelle Ramsay’s dramatic lighting creates a simultaneous distance and fusion that allows one to contemplate the idea of intimacy and its sour twin, betrayal.”

Toronto Star:
April 23, 2017
Catherine Kustnczy

It is illuminated with breathtaking invention and sensitivity by Michelle Ramsay, a designer who paints with light; sometimes dappled; sometimes fuzzy, always effective.

October 17, 2013
Lynn Slotkin

“The lights are magical. I found the shadows created by them to be especially fascinating. They are creative and symbolic. At times the shadows make it seem like there is more than one performer onstage. At other times they help transport us back in time to Ghana.

Mooney on Theatre:
September 23, 2012
George Perry

“You’ll be fascinated, though, by Michelle Ramsay’s wonderful lighting, much of it from below, which suggests both the peaceful forest and the ravages of fire in such a natural world. Her work blends beautifully with Camellia Koo’s set, which alternates between a pine-needle forest floor and a bare white floor for the indoor, “civilized” scenes.”

NOW Magazine:
April 13, 2010
Jon Kaplan

“Michelle Ramsay’s evocative lighting plays off Black’s set in beautiful shifts of colour that match the many moods as the evening of April 14 unfolds, expressed through the messages that the Marconi officers send out, from the frivolous to the desperate.”

The Globe and Mail:
Paula Citron